www.MyProductsFree.com Reviews 7 Incredible Future Tech Gadgets

www.MyProductsFree.com recognizes society’s attraction to the hottest new technology. This company specializes in helping electronic manufacturers clear their inventory. Members simply have to sign up on the website and instantly gain access to a myriad of highly coveted electronics. Each year, this database expands to encompass the newest technology that has just been introduced. With every year there are numerous additions to the world of technology. This year is no exception and has displayed some jaw  dropping innovations to the world.

Wooden keys

Although not entirely practical, wooden computer keyboards have managed to gain popularity this past year. www.MyProductsFree.com believes that the aesthetic quality of wooden keys is what makes them so attractive. Some people typing away on their computers like to be presented with the essence of nature, which has psychologically proven to increase mood and concentration. One company in Brooklyn has seized this opportunity to manufacture wooden keyboard pads for Apple products. These wooden keypads are made from Rosewood and Bamboo and fit perfectly over a standard MacBook configuration. The keypad does not leave a sticky residue, making it easy to remove and reapply.

AGENT Smart Watch

Hi-tech watches with numerous technological capabilities were once thought to only exist in spy fiction. But several entrepreneurs have turned this fiction into a reality with their introduction of the AGENT smart watch concept. MyProductsFree.com states how this watch will provide vast amounts of information right from a person’s wrist.

The AGENT smart watch is part of the Kickstarter program that is about to break $1,000,000 in pledges. This gadget will connect with users’ smartphones via an advanced Bluetooth 4.0 network. Wearers will be able to see if their phone is ringing or if they have received new texts simply by glancing at their watch. It will also come with tracking capabilities to locate the synced phone in case it goes missing.


Some manufacturers are taking “the sky’s the limit” a little too seriously. www.MyProductsFree.com indicates that a private space company known as Planetary Resources is working on creating a device called Arkyd. This will allow ordinary citizens to control a space telescope for their own leisure. The program has received support from NASA and is expected to cost only a fraction of the Hubble telescope. www.MyProductsFree.com would not mind being able to provide its consumers with this type of technology once it hits the shelves.


Another electronic concept that is being assisted through Kickstarter is BubblePod. This device will revolutionize the photography forum with its innovative techniques. Users can create professional panorama photos with higher resolution without having to worry about blurry spots. Not only that, but the BubblePod can be fitted to a tripod or the top of a bottle, enabling 360 degree maneuverability. www.MyProductsFree.com also mentions how the BubblePod will have an online service that will allow photographers to share their creations with one another.

The Buccaneer

Three-dimensional printing is quickly becoming a household capability. The Buccaneer is a device that will make the process affordable and convenient for the standard user. People will be able to fit the Buccaneer right in their home and start creating 3D products from their computer. The device is also packed with features including cloud access and the ability to print from mobile devices like tablets and cell phones.

www.MyProductsFree.com Describes More of the Hottest Gadgets to Soon Hit Shelves
Virtually any type of technology can be further innovated. Society is always looking for changes that can be made to current products to make them more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective. As humanity pushes further into the 21st century, each passing year will bring new advancements to the technological horizon. The MyProductsFree Staff is not the only one excited for the new wave of technology that will soon make a debut. These new gadgets will be sure to make a hit come introduction.

Goji Smart Lock

Just when MyProductsFree thought it had seen everything, it was introduced to the Goji Smart Lock. This conceptual device will make traditional key and lock sets a thing of the past. Homeowners can place this lock on their doors, which can only be opened through their smartphone or tablet. Users will “create” a key and have wireless access to the locked entrance.

Another feature of this lock is that it allows users to open up the lock remotely for guests that are arriving and do not have a key. To ensure that the right people are being allowed in, the lock snaps a photo of the person at the door. The photo is sent to the phone so that the user can verify the person to whom they are granting entrance.

The Micro Phone

www.MyProductsFree.com has noticed a trend with cell phones: they are getting smaller and more compact. This is so that people can walk around comfortably without an annoying bulge in their pocket. The Micro Phone concept introduces technology that is the size of a credit card. Soon, people will be able to tuck their cell phone right into their wallet. There is also a tracking node implanted into these devices to keep tabs on where the phone is located. Parents will be amazed at how much easier it is to monitor their children.

A www.MyProductsFree.com representative commented, “These products are going to be met with great approval from society. As you can imagine, some of these will be incredibly expensive due to their advanced technology. But through MyProductsFree, members have a chance to get their hands on the demo equipment for no cost. www.MyProductsFree.com is excited to see what other new concepts are in store for the future of technology.

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